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The electronic catalog for catering businesses unlocks new possibilities for a modern, fast and quality service to your customers.

Ideal for: Cafe, Bar, Bistro, Restaurants, Taverns, Beach Bar, Playgrounds.

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How It Work?


Send logo png, jpeg, psd, CI, PDF ( Big size and clear display)


Send your current menu or catalog in PDF or Document or JPEG


Download your QR Code print and USE IT.

Why Choose SmartQrScan?

Are you tired of customers calling your hotel for room service requests, leading to phone congestion and potential miscommunication or errors in manually taking orders? SmartQrscan offers an easy solution. We provide a QR code for each room, allowing customers to scan it and place orders directly from their rooms. These orders are sent directly to your kitchen or POS system, ensuring accurate and efficient processing.

Table Service

Our services extend beyond room service. We also offer table service for your restaurant. By placing QR codes on each table, customers can conveniently place their orders, which are then sent directly to the kitchen.

Delivery Service

If you offer food delivery outside the hotel, our system can manage that too. You have full control over the delivery areas and timings through our backend system.

Take-Away Service

In addition to the above, we also offer a take-away system for your convenience.

Custom Theme Service

Our system provides a fully customizable and dynamic menu. You can easily personalize the colors and theme to match your preferences.

User-Friendly Website

Rest assured that our system is 100% responsive, ensuring seamless functionality across devices.

Where is Smart QR scan usefully?


Smart QR Scan is suitable for all restaurants business moreover Online Delivery and Table service is available!.
Also we have take away inside..


Smart QR Scan is suitable for all hotels enterprises moreover Room Delivery service is available!


  • Instant price changes
  • Add new categories and products
  • Activate/deactivate products based on availability
  • Add photos in categories & product
  • Display menu visitor statistics
  • Change menu colors
  • Responsive

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